Maserati announces plans for models with battery electric propulsion and Autonomous Driving; fully produced in Italy - Petal Maserati India
Maserati announces plans for models with battery electric propulsion and Autonomous Driving; fully produced in Italy
September 28, 2019

In the course of FCA’s €5 billion investment program for Italy, Maserati reveals its innovative plans for producing electrified products and introducing autonomous driving technology in their cars whose production will take place in Modena, Cassino and Turin.

Henceforth, all of Maserati’s new models will be 100 percent made in Italy and will be powered by hybrid and battery electric propulsion systems which integrates the traditional highly appreciated Maserati driving dynamics with next-generation battery electric technology. They will also offer unique driving modes, extended range and ultra-fast charging capabilities.

This new embarkment towards electrified products will set sail in 2020 with Ghibli being the first model to feature hybrid electric propulsion. It will be produced in the Modena plant, where major production line upgrades are taking place to accommodate the electric powertrain which will be installed in the new model.

All of Maserati’s new models, including the updated current models, will be equipped with Autonomus Driving capabilities. The efficiency of the capability is divided into levels, starting with Level 2 which has enhanced Highway Assist progressing to Level 3 which offers hands-off driving ability with close to full autonomy and competence of manoeuvring in and out of lanes. Moreover, it can also bring the vehicle to a safe stop at the side of the road if the driver is unable to take control of the vehicle.

Maserati is also planning on launching a new utility vehicle which will be equipped with all the newly introduced technologies and become the Crown jewel of the brand. The production of this new model is going to take place in Cassino and, approximately, investments upto €800 million have been earmarked for the construction of the new production line which will open by the end of March 2020.

The company will enter its full electrification era withal new GranTurismo and GranCabrio which will be produced at the Turin production hub, where FCA is investing €800 million.

With all the new entrants in the brand’s collection and processing updates, Maserati is enforcing the importance of Italy with regards to its production – particularly Modena, which will remain as the Brand’s headquarters and continue to play a strategic role.

The production house at Modena is going to feature an all new paint shop which will be equipped with innovative technologies that ensure to cause least amount of damage to the environment. The paint shop will also allow Maserati customers to watch their car being painted. The Modena plant will also house an entirely new customization program for customers seeking a one-of-a-kind level of exclusivity.