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The Maserati of SUVs

Maserati design language


The Levante’s unique personality was envisioned to conquer new horizons, yet each design element is a constant reminder of its roots.

Exterior Design

The Maserati Levante’s exterior design is a striking blend of performance and elegance. The front fascia showcases the signature Maserati Trident grille, flanked by sleek LED headlights that give the SUV a confident and commanding look. Sculpted lines flow smoothly from front to rear, contributing to its aerodynamic efficiency. Optional features like stylish alloy wheels, carbon fiber accents, and a panoramic sunroof further elevate the Levante’s presence on the road.





Interior Comfort and Craftsmanship

Inside the Maserati Levante, a lavish and inviting environment awaits. Premium leather and fine materials adorn every surface, while the ergonomic seats provide excellent support for both driver and passengers. Maserati’s meticulous attention to detail is evident in the exquisite stitching, handcrafted trims, and elegant finishes. The spacious cabin ensures a comfortable ride for all occupants, making it ideal for both short trips and long journeys.





Performance and Power:

The Maserati Levante seamlessly blends high performance with exceptional power, making it a standout luxury SUV in its class. Under the hood, this Italian masterpiece boasts a range of powerful engine options that elevate its driving dynamics to unparalleled heights. Whether equipped with the robust V6 or V8 powerplants or Hybrid, the Levante delivers a thrilling acceleration and an agile handling experience, effortlessly conquering the road with its superb performance capabilities. Despite its remarkable power, Maserati engineers have also ensured that the Levante remains mindful of efficiency and fuel economy, achieving an impressive balance between power and eco-friendliness. With its striking design, opulent interior, and a fusion of impressive performance and power, the Maserati Levante sets a new standard for the modern-day luxury SUV.

Driving Dynamics

The Levante’s driving dynamics are a perfect balance of sportiness and comfort. Maserati’s intelligent Q4 all-wheel-drive system provides enhanced traction and stability, ensuring confident handling in various conditions. The adjustable air suspension with Skyhook technology adapts to different road surfaces, delivering a smooth ride in comfort mode and a firm, engaging drive in sport mode. The integrated electronic systems, including the Integrated Vehicle Control (IVC) system and the Hill Descent Control (HDC), enhance safety and stability on challenging terrains.




Cutting-Edge Technology

At the heart of the Levante’s infotainment system lies an 8.4-inch high-resolution touchscreen, providing easy access to navigation, media, and connectivity options. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration allow seamless smartphone connectivity. The Harman Kardon premium sound system offers an immersive audio experience, while optional features like a rear-seat entertainment system and a 360-degree surround-view camera enhance convenience and entertainment.





Safety Features

The Maserati Levante is equipped with a comprehensive suite of safety features to protect its occupants.

Standard safety technologies include adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist. Additionally, the Levante’s robust construction, advanced airbag system, and dynamic stability control contribute to the SUV’s top-notch safety performance.






Levante’s design combines eye-catching elegance with balance and flawless aerodynamics.
The Levante’s unique personality was envisioned to conquer new horizons, yet each design element is a constant reminder of its roots. Anticipating the excitement to get to the destination, long-distance driving on board the Levante is an experience of comfort and adrenaline itself. All-ground perfect drivability. The first-ever Maserati designed to follow any passion, with the excitement of a real sport-car.




Customization Options

Maserati offers a range of customization options for the Levante, allowing buyers to create a vehicle that reflects their unique taste and style. Customers can select from a diverse palette of exterior colors and wheel designs, including exclusive paint finishes. The interior can be personalized with various upholstery options, premium materials, and wood or carbon fiber trims, ensuring a truly bespoke driving experience.

Discover the artistry of the Maserati Levante, where luxurious comfort meets exhilarating performance in one extraordinary package. Experience the epitome of Italian automotive excellence.



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Levante's roar

The Maserati Levante features a range of powerful and refined engine options that elevate its performance to extraordinary levels. Equipped with a dynamic Hyrbrid, V6 or V8 powerplant, the Levante delivers thrilling acceleration and effortless handling, ensuring an exhilarating driving experience on any terrain. Maserati’s commitment to engineering excellence is evident in the seamless power delivery and the harmonious balance between performance and efficiency. Whether conquering winding roads or cruising on the open highway, the Maserati Levante’s engine delivers an unmatched fusion of power, precision, and refinement that truly sets it apart in the luxury SUV segment.

Available in the twin-turbo version to ensure Leavante’s standard prowess.


Engine LayoutV6
Max power430 HP
Max speed264 km/h
Acceleration5.2 sec

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