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The absolute opposite of ordinary

Singular style


In true Maserati grand touring tradition, the cabin is characterised by elegant Italian style, hand-crafted finishes and perfectly organised, generously proportioned design.

Go the extra mile - whatever the weather

The all-wheel-drive system keeps the performance and comfort of your Maserati Ghibli at their engaging, inspirational best – even when the weather and road conditions are far from ideal.
A sophisticated algorithm developed by Maserati also continuously monitors dynamic inputs such as wheel speed, steering and yaw angle and even wheel grip versus driving style. Processing all this data, the Q4 system then establishes a dedicated grip profile for each individual wheel. This ensures optimum dynamics for any given road condition, at any time.

Sophistication and exhilaration

The advanced design of the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission ensures precise gear changes and optimum performance, putting the power of the Ghibli engines under your complete control.
Thanks to auto-adaptive software, the transmission modifies its shift patterns according to driving style, for an even more rewarding, one-to-one driving experience. And when it comes to long, high-speed journeys, the last two gears, seventh and eighth, are specially calibrated to reduce fuel consumption and further increase comfort.

Innovation for a connected world

MTC+: the 8.4” Maserati Touch Control Plus (MTC+) unit takes pride of place at the centre of the Ghibli dashboard. With very few buttons plus a highly responsive interface, incorporates the car’s multimedia and functionalities (seat heating, ventilation, steering wheel heating and so forth).

Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto®: the MTC+ also features both Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto® mirroring functions.

Wi-fi Hotspot: the Wi-Fi option is another welcome touch when you’re on the move in the Ghibli.

Immersive Audio

Harman Kardon Premium Sound system: a state-of-the-art, 900-watt amplifier, delivering rich and detailed sound quality, a special high-performance subwoofer with the 10 high-powered speakers carefully distributed throughout the cabin.

Bowers & Wilkins Surround Sound system: fifteen speakers, with mid-range drivers and rear-woofers made from Kevlar®, have been strategically built into the car’s architecture, while a 1,280-watt amplifier ensures immersive sound for all on board.


Engine Two choices, endless possibilities

A core offering of all Maserati vehicles is the ability to cover long distances at dynamic yet refined high speed. With the Ghibli, the power that delivers this comes from a choice of two V6 petrol engines and a V6 diesel.


Engine LayoutV6 60°
Displacement2987 cc

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