Buy New Maserati Levante Trofeo SUV, Luxury Car - Petal Maserati India

Levante Trofeo

Peerless Versatility

Max Power

590 HP

Top Speed

304 km/h


3.9 sec

Twin-Turbo Charged Engine

V8 3.8 ltr




730 Nm

Interior Design and Features

Luxury and high quality technology to add finesse to your ride.

Natural Leather Seats with Accent Stitching

The Levante Trofeo’s Pieno Fiore natural leather sport seats, with their intricate design, are the mark of an extremely sportive look and refined craftsmanship.

3D Matte Carbon Fibre Pattern

Portraying endurance, strength, and class, the carbon fibre pattern adorns many interior details, sharpening the luxurious and dynamic style of the SUV.

Corsa Mode

The new “Corsa” driving mode has been adopted to enhance the athleticism of the ultimate Maserati SUV improving engine response and opening exhaust valves during acceleration.

Levante Trofeo Exterior: Aerodynamic Strength

Off the chart performance for on-road and offroad journeys.

Carbon Fibre Engine Cover

The powerful V8 engine is the heart of the Levante trofeo,and as such deserves the best protection, achieved by sleek and sturdy carbon fibre. Red accents decorate the cylinder heads to add a touch of class to the already impressive SUV.

Carbon Fibre Accents

Maserati only makes use of world class materials and components for its creations. To augment the fiery competitiveness of the Levante Trofeo, the front splitter, side skirts, and bumper accents combine the durability of carbon fibre and the lightness of the new aluminium bonnet. The redesigned front grid perfectly frames the iconic Maserati trident.

New Aluminium Bonnet with Dual Vents

The Levante Trofeo comes with its own unique and custom designed aluminium bonnet. The high grade aluminium perfectly balances the weight distribution of the car, and the dual ventsmaximize aerodynamic stability.