Kunal Rawal DLF Emporio - Petal Maserati India
September 15, 2019

Kunal Rawal DLF Emporio

While Maserati is known for its luxury, sports and style cast in exclusive cars, similarly, Kunal Rawal Label stands for being the luxury Indian contemporary brand that has become popular for its non-conformist, experimental and multi-functional approach towards menswear design. The event was an announcement to the launch of Kunal Rawal’s store at DLF Emporio which was held in collaboration with Petal Maserati.

With this collaboration we’re aiming to build a strong connection between the two brand personalities and create a seamless luxury experience for guests who are regular consumers of luxury. The event featured a specially curated fashion walk which had its stage adorned with our blue Quatroportte.

The guest list was curated by Kunal himself which included socialites, influencers, media friendly faces, luxury consumers and few of his personal friends from the industry which included Arjun Kapoor and Manish Malhotra.