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Crafters of Style | Ermenegildo Zegna And Maserati

Ermenegildo Zegna dresses Maserati

Ermenegildo Zegna is the leading luxury menswear brand, one of the most renowned businesses in Italy. It was founded in 1910 in Trivero, in the Alps above Biella by the young entrepreneur Ermenegildo. His vision was to ethically create the world’s finest textiles through innovation and fibres sourced directly from their countries of origin.

The company is now famed not only for its fabrics and clothing, but also for its unique collection of accessories.

With over a hundred years’ experience each, both Maserati and Zegna’s legacies are proof that attention to detail and visionary innovation create beautiful design.

Never before has this been truer, with the partnership between the two Italian companies creating bespoke interiors for the Ghibli, Quattroporte and Levante models.

The fashionable and detailed interiors know no rivals, with their unique, detailed trimmings and special colour finishes. The superb standard of stitching throughout, along with the natural fibre Zegna Mulberry Silk seating inserts, create an environment of opulence and luxury. These models embody the tradition of tailor-made excellence that both Zegna and Maserati have continually delivered for so long.

Crafters of Excellence | Bulgari And Maserati

Uniting two leaders of luxury

The name Bulgari needs no introduction. It stands for beauty, refinement and grace. For 130 years, their jewellery has brought Italian craftsmanship the global acclaim it deserves. In this respect, Bulgari and Maserati are a perfect partnership.

Both brands are visionary, exciting and renowned for creating the unexpected.

Yet both also remain true to their heritage and to their core principles.And whether it is a beautifully engineered luxury watch or an elegant yet exhilarating car, the end result is a combination of Italian passion and functional purity.

So it comes as no surprise that Maserati would form a long-lasting partnership with an Italian company that shares its philosophy and passion for perfection.

Crafters of Performance | Shell And Maserati

Driving Force

With a shared passion for excellence and innovation, this partnership ignites engine performance.
Both Shell and Maserati share a focus on delivering the very best products to discerning drivers worldwide and Maserati needs a motor oil that can meet the ever-changing demands of engineering progress, and does more to improve performance and engine life.

Shell PurePlus Technology, the result of 40 years of scientific development, is a revolutionary gas-to-liquids process that converts natural gas into a crystal-clear synthetic base oil that is 99.5% pure.

Shell and Maserati launch exclusive co-branded motor oil

Shell Helix Ultra Maserati 10W-60 – a new bespoke co-branded motor oil recommended by Maserati for Maserati engines

Following the previous Shell Helix Ultra Maserati 5W-40 for Maserati’s 2017 models, Shell and Maserati are now introducing a brand new co-branded motor oil known as Shell Helix Ultra Maserati 10W-60 – the only recommended on all Maserati’s 2018 and 2019 models across the globe equipped with the V6 Gasoline engine.

The fully synthetic premium engine oil is specially formulated to meet the Maserati’s engine requirements. Shell Helix Ultra Maserati 10W-60 uses Shell’s unique gas-to-liquid (GTL)-based PurePlus Technology and is designed in collaboration with Maserati to further optimize the performance of Maserati engines by stabilizing lubricity under extreme temperatures and providing excellent oxidation protection.